The Embrace Nest is an easy-to-use, portable infant warmer that does not need continuous power supply. A medical device, designed for hospitals and ambulances, it is used in NICUs and wards, and for transport, when skin-to-skin care (a part of Kangaroo Mother Care / KMC) is not possible.



The Embrace Care can be used in homes or hospitals. It works without electricity, and is intuitive enough to be used by a healthcare worker or a mother. Doctors prescribe it as a complement to skin-to-skin care (a part of Kangaroo Mother Care / KMC) to extend reliable thermal care for vulnerable babies.


As our first consumer line of products, Little Lotus baby swaddles, sleeping bags & blankets use NASA inspired technical fabric to keep babies at the perfect temperature resulting in better sleep. For every product sold, a baby will be helped in the developing world with the Embrace Nest.